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Hello, Tokyo!

When I was younger I, like most guys I suppose, liked to play with breasts. I’d shove them in my face as if I were peering into lenses and play “Up Periscope.” I’d dial them in as if adjusting a shortwave radio. Sometimes I’d push ‘em together to make a single big one.

But, I never expected to hear music coming out of them.

Futurizon’s Ian Pearson is now predicting that women will embed MP3 players in their breast implants.

“Holy Hooters, Batman!” says I. “Tickle ‘em and they’ll provide their own soundtrack.” It makes one wonder, what the appropriate music might be. Something seductive? Festive? John Phillips Sousa marches?

I’d get more excited about this if I wasn’t still waiting for my rocket pack. Back in the 50s they promised we’d all have them by now.

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