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The Romanian Capitalist


Eighteen-year-old Alina Percea needs a good accountant. At the very least, she should be able to claim depreciation.

Alina left Romania for employment opportunities in Germany. She got a job as a waitress, but due to difficulty with the language was fired. So, being a resourceful young women she took stock of her assets, and took steps to monetize them.

She sold her virginity.

Alina was quite businesslike about it. Had two physical examinations, in order to provide medical certainty of her status. Then, she set up an on-line auction to offer herself to the highest bidder to pay for schooling. (She claims to be in pursuit of a computer degree).

And she did quite well. The winning bid, from an Italian businessman was slightly more than €10,000.

And now the German government wants half. They claim that although prostitution is legal in Germany, not paying tax on earned income isn’t. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Your Vagina Irish?


Perhaps it should be. And the good folks at Betty Products are making it easy.

For a mere $14.95 Betty Beauty, whose slogan is “Color for the hair down there,” offers their “Lucky Betty” bikini hair dye kit, which comes with a clover-shaped stencil in case you’d like to re-shape the bush. (Calling this topiary would probably be funny on two levels… but I digress).

Go Green, ladies! How else could you can be environmentally correct, and celebrate St. Patrick’s snake accomplishment at the same time?

And just imagine your guy’s surprise when you let him SEE that he’s going to get lucky.

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When I grow up, I want to be Spank Daddy.


A woman I dated several years ago stopped seeing me because I wasn’t able to meet her needs, sexually. She wanted to be spanked. Though I was willing to try to please her, apparently I suck as a spanker.

Was it technique?  Attitude?  Confidence generated of vast knowledge?  I never knew. Frankly, I didn’t much care.  At least I didn’t until I read about Peter Jones, an English attorney who claims in his book, “True Confessions of a London Spank Daddy,” that beautiful women beg him to spank them.

Whazzis?  Women persuing him just ’cause he’s willing to play butt bongo with them?  Maybe I lost interest too quickly.

Jones offers not only insight into how to get into a woman’s pants, but also into her mind

Most women want to create a scenario based on real life. So they’ll use the fact they’ve been caught speeding as a reason to be punished by the Spank Daddy,” says Jones.  But get this: He also claims his laying on of the hands to be therapeutic.   Jones says women ask him to help them to lose weight, to stop over using their credit cards, or to stop smoking.
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Will Anal Sex Make Me Poop Funny?

BLUESGUY:Here I am, sipping my coffee and checking e-mail. It’s a beautiful Saturday morning. Fortunately, I don’t have anything special planned for today, which gives me time to investigate a question in my in box.

One of the members of the HasAHeadache forum (who shall remain anonymous) has asked if she should be worried about anal sex. I presume this means she should be worried about any possible outcomes, rather than worrying about the lack of opportunity.

So, this morning I’m investigating anal sex.

Uh, more properly, I’ve been reading about anal sex. No true research is likely to be done in this area until they can teach lab rats to perform the act. (And what would motivate the rats? An extra ration of cheese?) Read the rest of this entry »

When Your Only Tool is a Hammer…


Today our topic is sex addiction. But first, this side trip:

It was only nine years ago that civilization as we know it was about to collapse. The then-pending doom was supposedly the result of a flaw in computer programming going back 50 years called Y2K.

As you recall, nothing happened.

That shouldn’t have surprised anyone.  All of the available information was provided by people who, for an additional fee, would help you solve the Y2K problem.

One could (and frankly should) be that skeptical about everything in life. Start by asking how the bearer of news benefits from your acceptance of that news.

Who benefits more than the preacher when you start looking over your shoulder for the Devil? Who benefits more than the stockbroker when you become concerned about growth in your 401(k)? Who benefits more than the politician when you become concerned about the local crime rate?
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