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The Romanian Capitalist


Eighteen-year-old Alina Percea needs a good accountant. At the very least, she should be able to claim depreciation.

Alina left Romania for employment opportunities in Germany. She got a job as a waitress, but due to difficulty with the language was fired. So, being a resourceful young women she took stock of her assets, and took steps to monetize them.

She sold her virginity.

Alina was quite businesslike about it. Had two physical examinations, in order to provide medical certainty of her status. Then, she set up an on-line auction to offer herself to the highest bidder to pay for schooling. (She claims to be in pursuit of a computer degree).

And she did quite well. The winning bid, from an Italian businessman was slightly more than €10,000.

And now the German government wants half. They claim that although prostitution is legal in Germany, not paying tax on earned income isn’t. Read the rest of this entry »