If you’re not doing it, the other four people in the room likely are.


Two statistics which will bother my fundamentalist friends:

According to author Peggy Vaughan (The MonogamyMyth) most experts’ best educated guesses have 50 to 65 percent of husbands and 45 to 55 percent of wives stepping outside their marital vows by age 40.

Since it’s unlikely that every wife who cheats also has a cheating husband, there will not be 100 percent overlap. If even half of the cheating women are not married to cheating men, then one must conclude that eight out of ten marriages will have at least one cheating partner.

Perhaps this is a sign of America’s moral decay. More likely, it’s a sign that marriage is an unnatural institution.

Let’s look at that second stat, shall we? Canadian researcher Sheila Murphy surveyed several hundred clergy. 62 percent of the priests admitted to sexual activity. (I almost said confessed.) 49 percent of the nuns surveyed made the same admission. The priests reported more sexual partners than the nuns did.

So, I ask: is this truly a moral issue? Or, is our DNA coded for multiple partners, and nature is winning?

Or are people finally just telling the truth about what’s been happening all along?


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One Response to “If you’re not doing it, the other four people in the room likely are.”

  1. Logical says:

    I don’t think that marriage is unnecessarily unnatural just because of the statistics. I just think that it shows that stepping outside one’s marriage is also natural. They’re both natural. Not stepping out of one’s marriage is also natural, for the few, apparently, marriages that manage to continue without some sort of infidelity.

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