1,000 Women in a Room


I recently heard a man say this…

If my wife is in a room with a thousand other women, I want her to know that there isn’t a single woman in that room that is treated better or appreciated and loved more than she is. If I can do that, I’ve succeeded as a man.

I wonder what the world would be like if more people thought of their partners that way?

It kind of shocked me….

He’s a big, tough, rough I-wouldn’t-want-to-get-on-his-bad-side kind of a guy. People respect him. Some people fear him. He’s not the “90’s Guy” type at all.

He’s got that look of contentment though. He’s got that satisfied look… that ‘life is good’ look about him. That f*cked well and often look.

Now that I think about it, that look that says that if he were in a room with a thousand other men, he knows there’s not a single one that is treated better, or appreciated and loved more than he is.

Maybe he’s on to something….

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