Money and Sex.


They appeared perfectly happy together. The Feminist Blonde and her partner. I had the pleasure of their company at dinner. He was innocuous. She was delightful to look at. (Yes, I can be the classic MCP*). Unfortunately, I didn’t just get to look. She also felt compelled to share her opinions.

Please don’t think I find it unfortunate that an attractive woman has opinions. The misfortune is the obvious flaw in her education: lack of knowledge of mathematics.

Let’s examine two percentages: one out of one hundred million, and one hundred out of one hundred million. The first is 0.0001 percent. The second is 0.001 percent. Now, with those odds of success, tell me how much money you’d be willing to bet. Not much? Me, either.

With those odds of success, how hard would you be willing to work to become one of the .001 percent of executives who’ve “made it?” Would you forgo family, work round the clock, and never lose site of your focus on success? Most of us wouldn’t, but a minuscule portion of the workforce will. And most of those highly-driven execs are men.

But logic is lost on the Feminist Blonde. According to her theory she doesn’t make as much money as Bill Gates, or Warren Buffet, or Richard Branson because of the “good ole boys club” keeps women out. She apparently feels that these gentlemens’ successes have nothing to do with the infinitesimally tiny number of truly exceptional people who are willing to work longer, and harder, and perhaps more ruthlessly, and thus become heads of great companies. Nope. It’s a conspiracy.

She’s overlooking that I, a man, don’t make that much, either. Most men don’t earn millions each year. Apparently the old boys club keeps men out, too.

The difference between the Blonde and me is I know what’s holding me back. I’m lazy.

However, if I were to be jealous of the uber-rich, it would be for what money buys. And money buys sex. No, not in that crass “how much?” sense, but rather in that “the richer you are, the more attractive you become” sense.

In a recent survey of people who earned more than nine million dollars per year, more frequent sex and greater variety of partners were listed as the primary benefits of wealth.

That makes it hard to compete for attention when all you have is a cleft chin, wavy hair, and six-pack abs.


* MCP: Male Chauvinist Pig. A term from the 60’s that’s fallen into disuse.


Ah, it’s so much easier to look to some social phenomenon to explain away our shortcomings than to look in the mirror.

But about Money and Sex….

There was a time when I found wealth very sexy.  That time was when I was young, foolish, and broke!  Of course, then, it didn’t take much money to look like wealth to me.  Enough to keep the party going, and to take me where I wanted to go, and pay for what I wanted to do.

Fast forward to about 20 years later.  I’ve had money, been broke, and all stages in between.  And, honestly, in terms of men, wealth (defined as a disposable income significantly higher than mine) makes me…  leery.  Money is too often used as an excuse for bad behavior, poor manners, and just general rudeness.  It’s too often the big hammer in a relationship, used to tip the balance of power.  And…  that’s just not sexy.

I want to come to the table, and the bed, as an equal partner, with equal value, and no obligations.

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