When I grow up, I want to be Spank Daddy.


A woman I dated several years ago stopped seeing me because I wasn’t able to meet her needs, sexually. She wanted to be spanked. Though I was willing to try to please her, apparently I suck as a spanker.

Was it technique?  Attitude?  Confidence generated of vast knowledge?  I never knew. Frankly, I didn’t much care.  At least I didn’t until I read about Peter Jones, an English attorney who claims in his book, “True Confessions of a London Spank Daddy,” that beautiful women beg him to spank them.

Whazzis?  Women persuing him just ’cause he’s willing to play butt bongo with them?  Maybe I lost interest too quickly.

Jones offers not only insight into how to get into a woman’s pants, but also into her mind

Most women want to create a scenario based on real life. So they’ll use the fact they’ve been caught speeding as a reason to be punished by the Spank Daddy,” says Jones.  But get this: He also claims his laying on of the hands to be therapeutic.   Jones says women ask him to help them to lose weight, to stop over using their credit cards, or to stop smoking.

OK.  So now I’m getting highly skeptical.  But, still… there is that thing about beautiful women offering to bare their buttocks for him.

So, as a highly visual person, (as well as the being possessed by a perpetual lust … for knowledge, of course), I have dedicated at least ten minutes to researching this topic.  I present these findings for your carnal usage.

The first conclusion? Not all women like having their bottoms dusted.  There are ladies who need permission to feel sexual, and for them surrendering to a spanking can provide that permission (something about being punished for their lusty thoughts).  On the other hand, no woman will surrender herself until she feels safe.  Therefore, both parties must view spanking as sexual pleasure, not as actual punishment.  (It helps to intermingle caresses and gentle pats of her bottom and nether regions).

Second conclusion? A major part of the excitement of spanking is the anticipation.  Many women don’t/can’t/won’t get that from a regular partner.  Too much familiarity, it appears.   So as part of this “I don’t really know you but I trust you” issue, role playing is considered a good thing.  Headmaster/schoolgirl, store detective/shoplifter, doctor/naughty nurse come to mind. And finally, I’ve uncovered a step-by-step procedure which any man can use to improve the experience for his woman.  Those steps are:

  1. Announce the time for her punishment, and stick to it. See “anticipation” in the second conclusion.  Spanking devotees recommend additional preparation, in the form of ben wa balls, or nipple clamps, or even instructions to finger herself as she anticipates.  Perhaps you’ll order herself to bathe, to wear a particular outfit.  Make sure she understands that the severity of her punishment will depend on how beautiful she makes herself for you.
  2. Inspect her when she presents for spanking. Let your eyes and hands check every inch of her body while you keep a running scorecard of additions or subtractions from her punishment.
  3. Make the punishment a ritual. Make her beg for forgiveness for whatever transgression resulted in this punishment.  Make sure she knows she’ll be forgiven after she submits for what she’s got coming.
  4. Turn her over your knees, but don’t be too quick to apply the actual spankage. Examine the firmness and fullness of her bottom.  Comment on it.  Fondle extensively.  Don’t proceed until you feel her quivering with excitement.  The first few swats should be over clothing.  Peel off layers as the punshment continues.  You’ll want to ultimately get down to bare skin for major intimacy.  Alternate a few spanks with rubbing and stroking.  Stroke her girlie parts to make sure the spanking is mentally associated with pleasurable sensations.   Savor every smack and caress.  Take your time.  It’s not the number of spanks, or even their intensity.  It’s the anticipation.  Not knowing when the next stroke will occur will ad to her arousal.
  5. Spank with fingers tightly together and a slightly cupped palm - it makes a good smacking sound without causing excessive pain.  Flat palm with spread fingers makes for greater sting.

If you’re doing this correctly, you’re making her feel submissively helpless and sexually stimulating the hell out of her.  Done properly you should both be aroused and ready when her punishment concludes.

I hope these tips help.  Let me know how it works out for you.


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