Happily Ever After


A youngish woman I know was recently bemoaning a new turn her life has taken. Seems she’s been married for six whole weeks, now, and it’s becoming obvious the wedding is over.

The problem has nothing to do with her new husband. The problem is she’s been the center of attention for the last year. That’s how long she and her mother planned each last detail of “the perfect wedding.”

She tells her friends that she dreamed of her wedding day since she was a little girl. (The groom, it appears, was optional.)

And now? The wedding’s over. What a let down.

The most important day of her life has now officially passed. The rest of her anticipated 65 remaining years on earth will all be downhill.


Ahhh…. the perils of the princess! The “big day” passes, and then comes the reality of figuring out what “and they lived happily ever after….” really means.

The fantasies and dreams of youth are precious and fun. Memories of milestones are treasures that we will always have. If we are lucky, those treasures aren’t tarnished too badly with the varnish of reality that follows.

A middle-agish woman I know, slightly world-weary and weather-beaten, living through the aftermath of realizing that the handsome prince of her youth was really a toad, met a man. A flawed, imperfect, faithful, loving, honest, slightly world-weary and weather-beaten man.

The woman and the man grew to love eachother, and decided to marry.

“When?” she asked.

“Life is short. There are no guarantees for tomorrow, and I want all my tomorrows with you by my side” he said.

Rings were bought, friends were called. “Be ready next weekend!”

The woman’s friends asked “What about the cake? What about flowers? What about a dress?”

The woman fretted for a bit, then remembered that “life is short.”

So… the cake was a purple store-bought cake, proudly picked out by a 5-year old girl. The flowers were still outside in the flower bed, and the “dress” was jeans. The vows were simple, from the heart, and spoken with a tear and a smile.

It was a perfect wedding.


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